Day 6/10 – Food!

When you’ve spent the majority of your life either dreaming of – avoiding or eating too much of the stuff it’s hard to know where to start!

  1. Fresh Tomatoes (I tolerate them in a sauce).
  2. Baked Beans
  3. Marzipan – I mean WTF is wrong with good old fashioned buttercream?
  4. Liquorice
  5. Kidney – I still remember as kids Bryce and I would pick out all the kidney pieces from Mum’s steak and kidney stew but we’d still miss the odd piece. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW

I’m pretty sure Jame’s loves 4/5 things on my most hated list – I guess opposites really do attract.

  1. Roast Chicken (with the skin on)
  2. Stuffing – hangi stuffing is my fave, but honestly any stuffing will do ..
  3. Pan fried John Dory (also with the skin on)
  4. Rewena bread topped with butter
  5. Pancakes

I should probably get someone to teach me how to make Rewena Bread and while I’m at it, fried bread oh and then there is Mum’s steam pudding. Perhaps I’ll just get Isabelle to learn how to make all of the “family dishes”, kids love learning stuff … 😉

Till next time





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