It would seem it’s official

I’ve been on a bit of a “yoga bender” lately ..

I love nutting my way through the more complex poses posted on the monthly Instagram challenges.    Day 22 (shown on the left) took a good half an hour of my Sunday morning to work out and that was after I’d done a good 30 minute hip opening yoga sequence just to be in a position where I could attempt it “safely”.

I know Yoga is not supposed to be all about making pretty shapes with your body and that’s not the ONLY reason I do Yoga, I mean after all it’s great for my crossfit training, but the pretty shapes are a huge factor for me.

Not very yogini of me right?

Well I’ve always felt slightly guilty about my non Yogini(ness), until I stumbled upon Erin Motz blog.  I’ve been “doing”  Erin’s yoga classes for the last 23 days as she is the face behind the 30 day yoga challenge run by

I’m really enjoying the 30 day challenge, the “classes” are short in duration and usually focus on one thing, such as hip opening or balance.  There was even a session on  “how to do the splits” (I got pretty close on one side, the other, not so much) 😉

You think the face behind a 30 day yoga challenge would be one of “those” spiritual ooooming yogini’s right?  Well maybe not.  Erin proudly calls herself a bad yogi stating;

“My name is Erin. I’m a yoga teacher, and I have a problem: I am a Bad Yogi.

Actually, I am the worst yogi. I am the carnivorous, red wine- and French cheese-loving type, and in my classes you won’t hear much Sanskrit or anything about the Sutras. I make more jokes than I make references to any self-help philosophy, and to top it all off, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with that.”

She then continued;

“You might be Bad Yogi if…

  1.  you’ve rattled off profanities—even if just in your head—during difficult poses
  2.  you’ve indulged in a pre- or post-class burger run
  3.  in class you’ve thought, “Neighbour, if you’re wondering whether we’re competing, the answer is yes.”
  4.  you’ve quietly uttered “that’s what she said” while your teacher gave instructions for something
  5.  you’ve skipped yoga class in favour of… not going to yoga class
  6.  you’ve misunderstood the word “sacrum”
  7.  you can’t hold back a chuckle when someone breaks wind in class
  8.  you favour mimosas over green juice in the morning
  9.  you’ve attended a class just to chat up that hot girl/guy
  10.  you’ve never cried during savasana”

I am officially a bad Yogini,  I may as well own it!

On a side note, if you have been inspired by me semi successfully making pretty shapes, Erin is hosting another yoga challenge which starts in August.

You know you want too …

Till next time





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