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This blog has been going since just after my baby (the smallest one) was born and in that time I’ve written a lot, most of it’s probably about what I did or didn’t eat (depending on what sport I was into at the time) but sometimes I write about more important stuff.

One of my favorite posts was a letter I wrote to Miss Isabelle back in November 2014 (she would have been 6 at the time)

Dear Isabelle,

I overheard you question your Dad last night as he was reading my latest blog post;

“Mum has a blog? What’s it for?”

Well my baby, it all started what seemed a lifetime ago, in fact it was a lifetime – Elias’ lifetime in fact. Remember when you were little and Mum was a bit fatter? Well when I decided I’d like to be less fat so I could run around and play with you and Elias I started writing all about the exercise I was doing and food that I was no longer eating (which incidentally is why you’ve never seen Mum eat McDonalds). Then, slowly people started reading what Mum was up too, because they found it inspirational – funny huh?

Now I mostly write about all the things that I love (you included) but sometimes I’ll write about things I don’t love (like running), in fact a complete non love of running is one of the things we have in common, I see a lot of myself in you, more than I care to admit at times and because I see so much of myself in you, there are things I really want you to grow up knowing unequivocally;

ALL things are possible

You just have to believe in yourself as much as Dad and I believe in you.

There will always be someone there to catch you if you fall – even if it’s not me

I may not always be there when you stumble, but trust me when I say there will always be someone to catch you or at the very least pick you up, dust you off and send you on you way. On that note, if you need help please never be too shy to ask for it.

You don’t have to be good at something to do it

If you enjoy it, do it! Dadda and Elias like to run and you and I like to walk, we all get to the same place eventually and regardless of what your brother tells you, winning isn’t the be all and end all. Life is not a competition, it’s a journey.

You don’t have to like everyone

The commandment states “love thy neighbour”, nowhere (that I know of) does it say you have to like them. I would however like you to give everybody a chance – you know how sometimes a book has a pretty picture on the front but the story is boring? Well I’ve found that the most battered books are the ones people enjoy the most.

and finally;

Only say I love you when you mean it;

I love lots of things, especially things that are pink in color or contain sugar and probably more so if it’s both, but the phrase I LOVE YOU should be reserved only for people you truly love.

Don’t say I love you just because someone says it to you and never say I love you just to make someone feel better if you don’t truly mean it. Love is special, so when you do feel it, say it over and over because when you really mean it you feel like you can never say it enough. That’s why I tell you that I love you, each and every day at least a million times a day.

Till next time

PS – I really really really love you xx

Things are slightly different 2 years later – I no longer hate running and to be fair, even Isabelle enjoys running in the forest and she’s seen me eat McDonalds (because those hotcakes … nom!)

But otherwise .. not much has changed, other than her height. 😉

Till next time





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