100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 21

Apparently more people than I go to Ludus so that they can eat the “finer things in life” .. #trainhard #traindirty #eatchocolate 😉

Although the last time I spied chocolate in the arena it was a real one – hiding out amongst the boxing gloves. That I managed to spot it was a miracle in itself because if I can, I avoid hitting things, or kicking things – Rod (the Ludus resident MMA ninja extraordinaire) just sighs when I say things like

“Oh so you don’t HAVE to pick the punching set”?

Honestly I wish I looked like a “proper” boxer when I hit things – but I don’t. I look more like an interpretive dancer .. I guess we all have our strong suits and mine is not boxing.

And if you are wondering .. I left the chocolate there – I figured there was probably someone more needy than I that would appreciate a quick pick me up.

Anyway I guess we had better get on with the show.   I have the beautiful Anna guest starring in today’s video, my view rate is going to be super high today!

Day 21 = 21 burpees – my fav part of the clip is Rashida .. check it out.

Till next time

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