100 days 100 burpees – Day 20 and I gave in

Anna had kindly offered to do burpees with me on Sunday, but on Sunday instead of being at Ludus like I usually am I was watching Gumball at the cinema with the kidlets (the things you do for your kids) 😉

Then she offered to meet me early Monday morning to do burpees but I felt like shite and it was a struggle to even get out of bed and get to Ludus let alone do beast maker burpees prior to the session (Which is what Anna had decided we MUST do) ..

So when she once again asked if I was keen to do them this morning I thought to myself “Well I better get it over and done with, I’m not sure I can do more than 20 beast makers”

Anna and I both get to Ludus about 30 minutes prior to the session starting so we had some time, we just had to wait for someone to show up that could film us .. and then Boris walked in – we were set.

(Oh and we made Gabe join us – cause that’s what friends do) 😉

Day 20 – The beauties and the “beast”

Oh and Ames – I wore these shorts on Day 12 😉

Till next time

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