The Ludus Transformation Challenge – Half Way!

When I started this challenge 5 weeks ago I thought that a realistic goal (for me) to achieve in the 10 weeks was a body fat level of 18%. A 5% drop would land me smack dab in the middle of the “athletic range” and wouldn’t be an unrealistic percentage for me to maintain without having to resort to copious amounts of training.

Week after week I could see the changes in my body and although my weight plateaued for a a couple of weeks I had a decent drop this week and people have started commenting on the difference, even James looked shocked one morning exclaiming how much smaller I’ve become.

So I’m not sure why when I turned up for my half way measures that I expected to be 18% …

And then I’m not sure why I then decided I was now one of those “fat skinny girls” because I had only dropped a couple of percent instead of the five I had “expected”. LOL poor James had to sit and listen to me wondering aloud about how could I be so fat and yet look much better – maybe I was just dehydrated? Surely that must be it – dehydration would totally muck up the numbers ..

I then exclaimed “let’s just go have a muffin and coffee and move on!” (The plan had always been to have a muffin at the five week mark regardless of the results).

Anyway it actually took me two whole days to get over the disappointment of being fat/skinny and it wasn’t till today that I realised that I’m actually ahead of where I’d hoped to be when I started this challenge. At this point I’d hoped to be carrying 14.3 kgs of fat and my body fat is currently sitting (quite literally at the moment as I’m eating lunch and blogging) at 13.6 kgs.

All that anguish for nothing!

I’m honestly not sure I can drop enough in the last five weeks to take out the title being that I’ve only lost a total of 9% of my original body fat but we’ll just keep trucking on and see how it goes. Either way I’m (now) happy being fat but looking skinny. 😉

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