Just in the nick of time

I, Julia am officially competing in the Open!


(2) A person who professes certain ideals, but fails to live up to them.

Willpower has never been one of the my strengths ..

I’m not even sure why I signed up. I guess I just got carried away with the hype.

Yesterday morning Suz told me a story about a woman she had met whilst on holiday that had just started crossfit who had just completed 14.1.

Well more correctly she “attempted” 14.1. This woman had attempted for the entire 10 minutes to get one double under. One!

It’s stories like this that make me think.

How ungrateful am I being? I’m fit(ish) and semi capable. I have no excuses ..

I figure if I want to get all the fun of the open, I should also suck it up and proudly wear my placing/s.

I recall seeing an athlete on Saturday during 14.1 testing whose (full sized) bumper plates never touched the ground and her judge was counting the reps.  I thought “hmmm that’s not very fair” but shrugged my shoulders because I wasn’t doing the open and what did it “really” matter?

I’m hoping that being an “official competitor” doesn’t change my attitude, I don’t want to suddenly get all serious about it. Stuff like that is going to happen.   I just want to be able to keep that “does it REALLY matter?” perspective during this open season.

I’ve never liked “competitive” Julz, she reminds me of a petulant child and now I actually have children I realise just how unbecoming that behavior is.   I still want to be that girl dancing around during the warm up because I’m there for the fun of it!

Till next time




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2 Responses

  1. Lis says:

    Hi Julia,

    I’m Lis – the woman who Suz met on hols who couldn’t get even 1 double under on Saturday. I was swearing like you wouldn’t believe & burst into tears of frustration. My lovely coach told me not to do any for the rest of the weekend & try again fresh on Monday. Well on Monday, it was a little quieter in the box & I thought to myself, well I can’t do any worse than Saturday so here I go! Well about 3 mins in I got one. Then another one etc etc. not in a row of course & for some reason the rope is very attracted to my hair but the adrenaline went into over drive & I got to 30! Got my 15 snatches in the bag & then got another 6. From 0 – 51! Walking on sunshine! Btw love your blog! Cheers from Singapore!

  2. Burpees For Life says:

    Lis! OMG that is AMAZING (and yes you deserve all those capital letters)! That is so inspirational, thank you for sharing with me – and thank you for being one of the reasons I finally put my *money* where my mouth is 😉

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