Stronger is the new strong

The other day Coach G was addressing the class at CrossfitHPU and he said

“There are people in here that should be capable of lifting a lot more weight than they do”

Although I guess he was referring to numerous people in the group, one of those would HAVE to be me. Let’s just say I “look” like I can lift a lot more weight than I actually can.

For at least a year one of my goals has been to be able to squat my body weight (front or back, I wasn’t going to get all finicky about it).

I started the Louis Simmons strength protocol way back in May 2013 with Mr P.T and we got to week 4 of the 10 week program before my old lady back gave in and my physio said no lifting. Incidentally my PB squat at the 4 week mark was 47.5 (front) and 50 (back).

Then other more pressing (and cool looking) things got in the way. I learned how to do freestanding handstands, handstand push ups, handstand walks and pistols (none of which are useful skills to have when you look back over the previous years Crossfit Games Open workouts). I learned how to double under (and quickly lost it after a calf injury) and became somewhat proficient in kipping.

I guess you could say I am more of a body weight specialist.

Then one morning during a strength session it dawned on me I could bench more than I squat.  OK that can’t be good,  so I enlisted Joe to help me, because he’s literally the strongest person I know. I figured if I got stuck under the bar, he would be able to lift me AND the weighted bar, so I’d be totally safe.

He went back to the basics and sorted out some mobility issues I had. Then untaught me how to squat so I could learn how to do it properly, then after a brief dalliance with me wanting to go back to the “fun stuff” eg muscle ups, Joe put his foot down and put me on a 4 week strength protocol.

It wasn’t too bad after my first strength test he let me get on with the strength protocol in my own time and we still got to work on the “fun stuff” during my 1-1 sessions, which is awesome because so far the only way I’ve managed to get on top of the rings is when Joe lifts me 😉

Anyway I managed to stick to the program! And check this shit out ..


Not only is that a successful body weight squat it’s the combined body weight of myself AND one of the kidlets (probably the smallest one, but a kidlet nevertheless ). 😉

Now what? Another four week cycle – bring it on! Maybe I’ll aim for the combined weight of myself and the slightly bigger kidlet.

Till next time




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