Is it Friday already?

The kidlets have yet to learn that I am not a walking hanky, which usually means if the kidlets get sick I in turn get sick – usually just at the point where they are getting better and want to “Play Mumma, Play!”

On Tuesday I made it till about 10 am and then went home, fell into bed and slept continuously until dinner time when I woke up ate, then crawled back into my hole.

After sleep, carbs and drugs I felt alive enough to return to work today (Thursday) and was thankful that Thursday mornings Ludus sessions are overseen by Phil.

Phil’s specialty is timed sets and holds.  Although I don’t like to hold a plank for two entire minutes (and am not yet physically capable of doing that anyway) this morning I would take holding a plank for two minutes over one of Joe’s epic 500 sessions in a heartbeat.

I walked in and saw this ..

WTF??? 10 LAPS of bear crawls to start?? Did Phil think it was Friday already because that looked like a FYUF session if I ever saw one.

I did literally consider walking out and driving straight to work thinking I could just head out for a walk especially since I had arranged to do a Ludus session tonight with my BFF.

But I didn’t.

I blame my drug induced fuzzy head for my complete lack of self preservation (or more likely the fact that I want to visit Movenpick this weekend) .. because folks there was a point I literally thought “Shit I can’t do this” and I totally wanted to invoke my inner Sally and do this ..

I probably could have done some creative accounting (I saw a bit of that going on) or even gone blind and thought that the middle of the room was in fact the end column which meant the length was complete but alas I have this stupid little voice inside my head constantly nattering ..

“Julia! – it’s not a race – do it properly”

There were three things that kept me going this morning ..

  1. Phil didn’t call time – believe me I was hanging out for it
  2. Trudy who is a machine was one set behind me so I knew I wasn’t slacking
  3. James and I have plans this weekend which involve food and I’m having dessert

Oh and in case you are wondering – yes I finished it.  I took until 7:10 (and the session officially ends at 7:00) but like I said, Phil didn’t call time .. *sigh*

If I arrive at the Arena tonight and see ANY bear crawls I may burst into tears (and THEN I will get on with the job at hand).

Till next time

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  1. Greg says:

    Bear Crawl was a killer on the hands according to my new blisters. You did the right thing Rambo by wearing Gloves! Smart!

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