Epic Adventure – Stairway to “Hell”

The “Epic Adventurers” otherwise known as my nutty friends had planned on taking on the Castor Bay stairs bright and early.

When I awoke the emails were flying back and forth furiously ..

“It’s raining here”
“It’s only drizzling where I am”
“What should we do?”
“You guys aren’t cancelling are you?”
“Umm no, no of course not”
“We are still doing it aren’t we?”

Obviously since I’m doing a recap post we settled on heading over to the stairs anyway – we are all “rain hardened” since we have all frog leap burpeed or some other such form of torture up Ludus Hill in the rain numerous times.

When we arrived we were greeted by this ..

Simply stunning!

We headed down to the beach and fought over discussed what we were going to do. We settled on doing a 20-2 with all the burpees being done on the beach.   That meant we would run up the stairs and back down before doing the next lot of burpees.

We were sharing the beach and the stairs with a group of boot campers so we did get a few “looks” they all seemed confused as to why a group of friends would voluntarily do a 20-2 and run up and down the stairs just for fun (especially when they found out it was a warm up session before our “real workout” at 9 am)  – I on the other hand figure they could have saved themselves some money if they just found some friends as nutty as mine 😉

If you look closely at that photo above the five little blobs on the beach is us (minus Izzy who took the photo from about a quarter of the way down the stairs).

We got started and the first thing we ALL noticed is that performing burpees on sand is waaay harder than doing them on concrete. We made trenches where our feet dug in and you had no traction on the jump back up.

The stairs were – well stairs – 139 of them in total. The hardest part for me was when you got to the landing platforms because you had to move in a diagonal direction to get to the next flight which is not exactly easy with a busted medial ligament in your knee.

And I probably have to thank the boot camp people for being there because it meant I could only go as fast as the person in front of me and some of those boot campers were getting pretty tired 😉

David blitzed it and I think when he finished I was on 4 so I “suggested” he frog leap burpee to the end of the beach and bear crawl back – and he did.

Anna, Sally, Frankie and Mitch (those of the long legged human variety) finished just behind the blistering speed demon David and the shorter legged humans in our group aka Izzy and I finished at the back of the pack.

Well I finished at the back of the pack – even an injured Izzy can kick my arse in all things cardio 🙂

It took me 45 minutes and since we had some time to kill before heading over to Ludus Frankie suggested we do shuttles – can you spot the PE teacher amongst us?

Izzy (being the other PE teacher in the group) and the girls thought it was a great idea. I just succumbed to peer pressure 😉

Actually I only did one set of shuttles, my knee protested LOUDLY about the turning so I sat the rest out and became the group photographer and anyway I needed to keep something in reserve for this ..

Yes that first set says 100 burpees!

What I lack in speed I make up for in strength and stamina because I actually finished near the front at this session.

So I navigated 3058 stairs did 110 beach burpees then did an additional 100 Ludus burpees along with an entire Ludus session .. bring on the dessert platter!

Till next time

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