Just what I needed

It’s been pretty full on in the land of Julia lately. This past week has included such madness as two triples, a double and an epic stair adventure that came with a ludus chaser.

It was high time this girl let down her hair, dressed in something other than shorts, cute socks and trainers and enjoyed some time with the significants in her life.

Although I have just noticed that I’m still wearing shorts – it’s about as close to a skirt as you are going to get. 😉

The Comedy Festival has been on in Auckland for the past couple of weeks and we made plans to see the The Big Show 2012 at the Auckland Town Hall with a group of friends. Because Mothers Day was the following day my gift was a hotel room in town for the night. We had never stayed there before but it was right across the road from the venue so we could stumble home in need be.

Town Hall is directly behind me – how close is that!

Our friends all met up for dinner prior to the show but James and I had snapped up tickets to see Des Bishop who was performing an early show so we skipped the group meal (But we did manage to grab Burger Fuel in between the two shows – and we all know this girl LOVES a good burger).

Des Bishop was funny as f**k. I remember thinking why the hell did I bother with make up as the tears streamed down my face. At the showcase I loved one (Stuart Taylor), Really like one (Chris Martin), thought one was ok (Bill Dawes) and completely didn’t get the other (Milton Jones). I loved the MC Janey Godley though – gosh she had a quick wit, love that in a woman 😉

The comic relief

We were lucky it was a showcase because Stuart Taylor (who I loved) talked a lot about marriage which is probably why I found him hilarious because I could relate, the singles amongst our group didn’t find him as side splitting funny as I did but they loved Bill Dawes and I just thought he was ok. The world would be so boring if we were all pink jellybeans I guess.

After the show the girls had a quick cocktail at Q and I had a ginger ale .. then we parted ways and it was onto the main event – an entire night of uninterrupted sleep .. bliss! I know you were all expecting something more exciting, but you will understand when you have toddlers.

Thankfully my “Get up for Ludus inner clock” let me sleep in till 7am when I leisurely got up, showered, dressed and then ate .. in peace.

Breakfast is served

No little hands to prod at my food telling me it looks yucky and I even got to enjoy hot coffee. Usually coffee goes repeatedly cold while J or I go and fish superman from the sink or locate Cinderella for the 100th time. It’s the simple things.

However it doesn’t take long to miss the important things in life ..

My babies with their Mothers Day creations

Happy Mothers Day!

Till next time

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