100k Challenge – Week Two

Week two has been better for me than week one.

I’m still not running as such (unless you count the million ludus laps and hill “sprints”) but nothing long distance so the “do a little bit often” has suited me just fine.

The physio has decided it is time to send me off for a scan on the knee he got a little worried when I explained how it hurt to hang from a bar – I guess that means there isn’t much holding the knee in place lol so I’m not quite sure what I am going to do about my first planned half marathon in a few weeks. Enjoy a long weekend away and cheer for James perhaps 😉

I’ll leave it a little longer and see if the knee miraculously gets better – J doesn’t think this is going to happen when I don’t actually rest .. but you never know.  If not I can always change down to a lesser distance.  I could probably run about 5k without too much hassle even 10k if I grit my teeth?!?!

I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it I guess.

So here is the 100k challenge running total after week two;

So enough about me lets see how the rest of the FBs are doing in the 100k challenge.

Yumi, Robin, Osovale, Clare, Amy (I figure you all know what I look like)

Robin – 70.48 k
Clare – 63.42 k
Me – 57.5 k
Osovale – 56.5 k
Yumi – 56.04 k
Amy – 47.20 k

So Robin has taken the lead and I’ve sneaked into the middle of the pack (which is where I am used to being – average) 😉

Oh and here is my wee brag for the week. I’m featured on Go Figure – NZ’s premiere fitness and bodybuilding site – how cool is that, go check me out and think “that’s my friend Julia – I know someone famous” bahahaha.

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Donloree says:

    Julia, you’re amazing in so many ways! I love you. You are such an example of what it means to be fit inside and out.

    That knee though…ACK!

  2. Robin says:

    wow I’m surprised by that! I tried extra hard last week to put in Kms as my baby was sick and I couldn’t get my usual jogs in so I stuffed her in the pushchair and went for extended walks instead. Though obviously assisted by my 10km on Sunday.
    Look at us go! :o))

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