Life with the twins

The day of the surgery I was scheduled to stay in overnight but only because I had my legs operated on. If I had just had the boobs done I would have been a day patient and gone home that night.

I woke up in my hospital room at 5pm although when I say woke up I mean I opened my eyes, briefly looked at the clock and went back to sleep 😉

Nurses came in half hourly and I briefly woke each time as they moved my arm to check my stats. I woke up at around 7pm when the night nurse came on duty. She had a student nurse with her so everything was done twice and they wanted to check my dressings so they undid the support garments. This was the first glimpse of the twins I had .. my first thought?

“Whoah I’m lying down and I still have boobs .. they must be huge!”

Apart from being exhausted and sleeping for hours I felt good. Each time the nurse would come in and ask for a pain score and I would reply “I have none”, I was pleasantly surprised but obviously pleased.

Although I hadn’t eaten since 6am I wasn’t hungry but at about 7pm the nurse suggested I have a something to eat so the kitchen bought me in a toasted sandwich (retro huh) and a ginger ale she just said whenever you want to eat your dinner just let me know, even if you don’t get hungry till three am.

I woke “properly” at about 9pm I watched some TV (they have huge Flat Screen TVs mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed) and admired the twins. I had my post op bra on, but no dressings as such so I could see the boobies. I was worried that they were too big, but the nurse assured me much of it was swelling and that they would settle down.

I ate dinner some time after 10pm. I had the steamed chicken and vegetables with creamy mash. I must have been given extras because my dessert looked like one of everything on the menu lol. I have to say the food is DIVINE apparently they started doing all the food in house this year so a huge thumbs up to the kitchen staff!

I slept pretty well considering how noisy hospitals are and when I woke the nurse came in and got me up and moving a little bit (which is hard when you have four drains a catheter and a pain pack attached to you)! Doctor Mellow came in quite early and checked me over, he determined that the drains from my legs could come out, but the drains (and therefore the pain pack) in my boobs had to stay in *boo*. He said the operation was a huge success and that the entire op took 3 hours 45 which is slightly quicker than they had anticipated *yay*

So after getting the nurse to “rip out” the drains in my legs and getting dressed I was homeward bound with the instructions to “take is EXTREMELY easy” .. I’m guessing Doctor Mellow doesn’t have toddlers 😉 Since I do, I was off to hide in my bedroom ..

I was due to go back to Doctor Mellows surgery two days later to have the rest of the drains removed so the first couple of days at home I was quite awkward drains and toddlers don’t mix well!  I had to call the surgery each day with the levels in the drainage bottles because if too much was coming out they were not going to take them out on the Friday as due.

Thankfully even though I was slightly over what they wanted Doctor Mellow said they could come out, which is awesome because I DESPERATELY wanted a shower!  With the drains removed and a much needed shower I felt a million times better.  I was still moving pretty slowly but at least I didn’t have to worry about ripping out or tripping over any drains. 🙂

So I got on with the job of relaxing .. not an easy feat with a couple of kidlets in the house but I did ok.   I still have good days and bad days.  One day nothing will hurt, the next day my right boob will hurt, then the day after it will be my right leg.  Rarely it will be my left leg .. go figure apparently I have a super hero left boob .. it feels no pain 😉

So four more weeks and then hopefully life will be back to normal ..

Four weeks left of wearing the support garments (although I only have one more week to go of wearing them 24 hours a day, then I swap to just daytime hours).  Four more weeks till I should be able to do some exercise ..

Thank goodness I’m so bored! When I’m bored apparently I like to eat … *sigh*.   Lucky I’m back at work and can get into a routine … otherwise I’ll start busting out of my super hero costume! 😉

Till next time

When I will get around to telling you why I may regret the twins!

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