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One of my friends exclaimed on FB last week that her motivation for losing the baby weight was that she wanted to be skinner than her sister.  She was asking if any of us thought that was shallow.  None of us did 🙂 one of my other friends Stacey even pointed out that she used me as a motivator, she wanted to keep in front of me (we were losing weight at the same time).  This got me thinking and I blurted out.

“Hey why don’t we pick an event in 2012 and race each other, how cool would that be?  ”

She thought it sounded like fun too (yep all my friends are some type of crazy) and we discussed logistics since she lives in Palmerston North and I live in Auckland.  When she asked what event I would like to do all I said was “I’d prefer not to run a marathon”.

We settled on a some form of multi sport event as it would “even out the playing field” so to speak.  Although Stacey bikes, swims and runs already so I guess her playing field is a little more even than mine. 😉

Next we narrowed down a time frame that would suit both of our commitments for the coming year and decided to try and find something in the central north island so that we could both travel to the event.   Most of the events were too early in the year or in the wrong part of the country and then I had an idea and posted the following message on Stacey’s FB wall …

“What about the Taupo half iron man in December 2012 – keen?”

She wasn’t, but at least I’ve now got her to change from saying “No” to  “I will contemplate it”.  However although Stacey wasn’t that keen I was and decided right then and there that I was going to be an iron man (well half a one anyway).

So I text my BFF Nesy …

Me “I want to do the Taupo Half Ironman Dec 2012 – you in?”

BFF “Yep for sure!  Big things just aren’t the same with out each other”

*disclaimer* Nessy has completed the coast to coast so is an endurance athlete so to her an ironman is a walk in the park .. 😉

Then I thought .. I guess I should fill James in …

Me “I’m gonna do the Taupo Half Ironman Dec 2012”

Him “Sweet!  Imagine all the food you get to eat!”


So there you have it .. I’ve put it out there …

I am going to swim 2k, bike 90ks THEN I am going to run a half marathon all in one day!

Forget the fact that although I can swim (enough not to drown) I’m not great, I don’t particularly like bike riding and you all know that I hate running with a passion all those factors will just make it even more rewarding when I cross the finish line.

From zero to a half iron man in under a year … heck why not.

There is only one two things I am worried about.   How the hell am I supposed to run with the twins!

I guess we shall find out …

Till next time

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