100k Challenge – Week One

Seven days is up and the FB’s are doing awesome – with Julia trailing at the back … *sigh*

After completing the 10k walk event in the Why Women Run Series yesterday I remember why I don’t do “walking events” honestly it’s harder to walk 10ks than it is to run it anyday – so all of you people who think you can’t run 10k’s, think again.

My hip flexors are killing me AND my lower back started spasming nearly as soon as I stopped walking, this walking lark is obviously dangerous and must be stopped 😉

I’ve worked out to reach the 100k goal I have to move at least 3.3 k’s each day and I’m pretty sure I can run that far or at least run the majority of it with some hobbling near the end if need be which I think will be easier than trying to do three “long” walks and way less time consuming.

So enough about me lets see how the rest of the FBs are doing in the 100k challenge.

Yumi, Robin, Osovale, Clare, Amy (I figure you all know what I look like)

Clare – 44.18 k
Robin – 33.84 k
Yumi – 32.79 k
Amy – 29.49 k
Me – 21.5 k
Osovale – 21.0 k

Apparently Clare’s secret for success is to have no kids and a border collie that needs walking every day.   No wonder I’m not doing well .. two kids, no dog!

Till next time

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