Failing can be fun

I’m currently in the first week of a new Instagram yoga challenge under the hash tag, #happyhealthyyogis

What I liked about this challenge above all of the (literally) hundreds of other yoga challenges, is that instead of having a daily yoga pose that you replicate, it provides a daily theme and you decide what it means to you (in your practice).

So far the themes have included, work in progress, heart opener, yogi toes & partner yoga.  The theme for today is Yoga Bloopers.  When I told James the theme he laughed and said, “we have a tonne of those from when we did that partner yoga stuff”.

He’s right, unfortunately I’d already deleted those videos as I needed the space on my phone, luckily I manage numerous bloopers a day so had fresh footage for today’s post.

Sometimes we hold back from trying new things because we are afraid we will fail and look like an idiot, but from my experiences I know two things for sure.

You will fail

Probably repeatedly. We’ve all learned to crawl, climb, walk and run (usually, but not always in that order) and we all fell, some of us may have even fallen so hard we broke something (other than our ego) but none of us managed to learn those skills without falling at some point.

Believe you me,  as your parents watched you take your first tentative steps they celebrated the 1 or 2 steps you made, they didn’t call it a failure because you then fell on your nappy padded arse.

Failing isn’t necessary failure (and in fact can be the most fun you’ve had in ages)

On the weekend James and I attempted partner yoga (with the help of you tube how to videos) for the first time.  I fell (a lot),  I nearly broke his leg (in his words, but I’m sure he was exaggerating) as I attempted to use his feet like a pair of gymnastics rings and I came close to flying through the door when we did the aeroplane move.

We haven’t laughed so much in ages and we certainly didn’t feel like failures because in the end we found our balance and worked it out and honestly, the falling made it fun.

I think life would be pretty boring if you never failed.

How is this for a new mantra – Go forth and fail … 😉







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