Can you train for a half marathon without running?

Well your guess is as good as mine!

But I’ll be able to let you know next weekend if it’s possible ..

I entered the week after Coatesville because I was somewhat annoyed with how long I took to complete the 21k, I figured even if my knee grumped for the last few (or five) kilometers, as long as I hadn’t stopped to take photos at every kilometer SURELY I could cross the finish line in under three hours!

Yes – I couldn’t actually walk “normally” the week I signed up, BUT I had a total of four weeks so I just kept my fingers crossed that I’d be “sweet as” by race day.

Well ..

I haven’t had any run longer than 20 minutes that didn’t end up with me wanting to burst into tears (from pain, but mostly frustration) and with only one 9 more sleeps I’m slightly less hopeful but I’ve got a cunning plan!

I’m not going to do ANY running until the 20th April and see how it all pans out on the day! Although to be fair, that’s pretty much how I’ve always prepared for events. 😉

Till next time





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