Day 9/10 – Music

I love music, well most music – I don’t like what James’ calls music although he has informed me numerous times it takes a LOT of skill to “yell loudly” … Like they say, opposites attract.

I gravitate towards easy listening music, especially when I’m driving – it helps calm me down when dealing with the numerous idiots who all seem to be in hurry BUT if you happen to be in the car in front of me and see me boogieing down behind the steering wheel, I’m probably listening to Justin’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling”, you can’t help but smile (and dance) to that song!

Which leads me to today’s topic – Music.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to share a couple of songs that you may not have heard but should – both are from ex Voice contestants ..

The first is Easy for You by Joe Moore (2015 Australian Voice Contestant).

I didn’t like this song at first (and the video is naff) BUT it grows on you (much like Tov Lo’s Cool Girl)

The second is Better Man by Chris Jamison (2014 US Voice Contestant).

I loved this one from the very start!






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