Planning = success

Well its that time of the week, so here are the pics .. still cant see much of a change, my butt might be slightly smaller, but my clothes are fitting better so its coming off from somewhere.

Saturday has been a busy day! Went to the gym this morning after feeding the boy and did my cardio as I still cant run on the knee (or walk fast enough to make much of an impact), so onto the crosstrainer I hopped, it kind of bought back old memories, I used to live on that machine when I was competing! (Yes I even use the EXACT same machine, that is in the EXACT same place as I left it when I left the gym to have babies) lol.

Went home, fed boy (again) and then headed into Newmarket with my BFF to help her chose an outfit for a Melbourne cup function. Well I know what shopping with the BFF is like, so I packed my lunch and afternoon tea (just in case) and popped them into my handbag, so much easier to resist all those scrumptious foods when you are out, when you have your own food ready and waiting!

So we managed to get back by 3pm (which is pretty good for us), and just in time for the next feed, so I got cuddles with the boy again (bliss).

My old habits are all coming back, I’m really pleased that I’m focused and ready to finally work on me after spending the last two + years basically focusing on growing and raising children.

Didn’t have time to grab my cd or magazine, so will schedule that in for tomorrow.

Till next time





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