Dry July Paleo Challenge – The round up

So I finished the “official” challenge a week and a half ago but today I thought I should tell you ..


LOL ..

Coach told me today that I had the biggest body fat % drop but another lady had lost the most weight (5 kgs!!!) so he has deemed us joint winners.

If I didn’t have the uncanny ability to just look at a dumbbell and get heavier I would have totally won outright! 😉

BUT I’m not going to complain because A) I won and B) I look more awesome and C) I won and more importantly D) I get free sessions with Coach (Head Coach in fact)!

Coach has designed a program for me to follow concentrating on my weaknesses (which there seem to be many) which in turn should help get me up to speed before my first competition in September.

I’m guessing I haven’t told you guys about that yet right? ..

I’ve been telling everyone that I’m never going to compete (or at least not for a long time) but I’ve been told that this is a “fun” event.   So I’ve teamed up with one of the guys from Ludus who also dabbles in crossfit and we have entered into the beginners section.

My “ring in” partner should be strong enough to make up for my lack of skills BUT I’ve been working on my running and rowing and now that coach is designing my program for the lead up to this event I should hopefully be able to pull my own weight.

(On a side note I can actually pull my own weight – those are called pull ups – but you know what I mean)

Till next time

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