No one said it would be easy

I spent the month of July concentrating on the Dry July paleo challenge.

My efforts went into ensuring I ate well, trained hard (probably a little too hard – BUT I was in it to win it!)

On a more positive note I did manage to squeeze some mobility drills in there along the way.

July ended and I then immediately started concentrating on chipping away at my weaknesses in preparation for the Two to Tango team event being held next month.

Then it dawned on me ..

What happened to my balance?

This year I had vowed to “do it all” as opposed to doing a lot of one thing and that I would find the elusive work/life balance that people talk about.

I started out well – I cut back on my ludus sessions and I varied my training. I did RPM, I thumped a boxing bag, I lifted some weights and I got my yin on and took up Yoga.

I spent the afternoons with the kidlets and weekends catching up with friends (and eating dessert) 😉

Then I took up crossfit and realized just how much I sucked at most stuff and the little voice inside my head that exclaims that being suck is not an option got the better of me and I set out to learn more, do more, be more ..

I skipped, I lifted, I took on more specialty classes, I stood on my hands, swung from bars and balanced on one leg. I was sore, I was tired and the more time I put into being “better” the less time I spent on what is really important … “being Mum”.

That point really hit home one night when J and Miss 5 were walking out the door on route to her swimming lesson and I said “I’m staying here” (meaning I was staying at home for the evening as opposed to going back to the gym) and Miss 5 said to J

“I don’t know why she tells us that – she NEVER comes with us – aye Dad?”

How do I constantly fall back into the same old habits?!?!

But this time I’ve caught my self and asked for help with my programming.  I need to be told it’s ok to rest, its ok to give yourself time to recover, it is ok to hang out on the floor with your kids .. you do not have to do more to “be more” ..

So Coach wrote it up and I follow it (to a T) no extra’s.  I even found “time” to get myself back on my mat (bruised shins and all)  .. it’s been far too long!

Balancing has never been a strong point for me (probably why I still can’t do a freestanding handstand) .. but I’m getting there.

Till next time

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