As it’s Thursday and some random person sometime ago deemed that Thursdays are a good enough reason as any to “throw back”, I now take some time each Thursday morning to have a look back at where I was and what I was thinking/doing this time in preceding years (well as far back as 2009 because that’s when I started the blog).

Some of it’s amusing, like the time in 2013 when I went on a rant about the Zombies coming and others are more meaningful like when a year later when I was reminded that awesome is in the eye of the beholder.

And then there are others that make you think hmmmm .. would my answer still be the same?

What would you choose?

by Burpees For Life · 25/08/2014

I was asked “What’s one luxury you can’t live without?”

n. pl. lux·u·ries
Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort.

You would think that this would take some time to ponder right? After all there are so many luxuries that we (in the free worlds) are afforded with these days with everything from chocolate to international holidays being deemed a luxury in todays society.

My response was near immediate, hot running water!

For a moment I expanded that to “electricity” (in general). Electricity would be a luxury right? Considering there are thousands upon thousands of people living on top of mountains in Iraq without food or water I’d lump electricity into an inessential but conducive to comfort category.

But upon further thought I concluded I’d rather depend on fire for heat, cooking & light than bathe in cold water, just ask the people who have done the ice bucket challenge how what they think about “bathing” in cold water.

I have a thing about the cold – in that I hate it, it’s reason 2567 why James and I live in New Zealand and not the UK, apparently I don’t know what a “real winter” is ..

What would your one luxury be?

In 2016 I’m in two minds;

Although I still adore hot running water especially on those nights after a long run when my knees are particularly unhappy and I kick back in a steaming hot bath.  I’m so much more “hard core” these days – just ask James, I don’t even make him tow me up the hills when we run together anymore. 😉 And although that is a tad tongue in cheek, it shouldn’t undermine the fact that these days I do cope better with being cold and wet, thanks in part to trail running throughout the winter.  So, would I still choose hot running water as my ONE and ONLY luxury?

My first thought was (as I’m hardcore now) that no, I’d forgo hot running water because I guess if I was that desperate I could boil water over a fire as I’m sure a pot/cauldron would fall into the essential items category.   So then I started on the process of deciding what this one luxury item would be.

Initially I choose a pillow. Then I decided that as I was such a resourceful woman I could probably fashion something of a pillow from fern fronds or similar and if worse came to worse there is always James’s arm so then I concluded that my one luxury would DEFINITELY be a large fluffy blanket, like the one James bought me for my birthday but with a waterproof backing.

I would need a blankie because the fire (you know the imaginary one was keeping me warm back in 2013 and that this year I’ve decided I’ll also use to get hot water) may go out in the middle of the night and a blanket would keep me warm and thanks to the water proof backing, dry.   Yes for some reason in this scenario my entire family now lives in the bush, because remember James’ arm is now my pillow,  unless of course his luxury item is a pillow that he gives it to me (or at least shares) because well you know – happy wife, happy life.

I wonder if this one item will still stand in 2018.

Till next time






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