Black, White, Grey?

Halloween came and went and we were left with a huge bag of sweets that didn’t go home with little children dressed up as angels, policemen, ghosts or Dora the Explorer.

I should have an entire bag full of fruit bursts and other such goodies, instead what I have are sweet wrappers magically appearing everywhere I turn.  You see a certain gentleman otherwise known as my husband has quite the penchant for sweets and every time he walks past the bag he dips his hand in (bless him).  Of course he blames the fact that they are there, right in front of him, calling him, telling him to eat the sugary goodness.


What do I spy? Another sweet wrapper?

Many people have a huge problem with food, especially when it comes to weight loss, I have heard just about every reason imaginable as to why they can’t lose weight.

“I’ve got kids, so I always pick at their food”

“I don’t have time to cook separate meals”

“My family won’t eat “good” food, so I cook what they will eat”

“The kids leave food on their plate and I “have” to eat it, otherwise it’s a waste”

“Our cupboard is full of snack food for the kids, so I eat it”

I’ve found that many people have an all or nothing attitude, they start out their weight loss journey all full of gumption, then after one small falter, they deem themselves failures and go on a binge fest.

If you veer from your eating plan (say you eat biscuits at afternoon tea), just get back on track, a couple of biscuits won’t hurt you in the long run, deciding that you have blown it and going on to demolish the rest of the packet is not such wise option.


One or two biscuits = ok One packet = not ok

The truth of the matter is dieting doesn’t work, not in the long term anyway, you need to change your entire lifestyle and eat in a way that you can sustain for the rest of your life.  For example going on a liquid diet may help you shed some weight, but you obviously cant live on shakes for your entire life!

Try not to think of things as black and white.  Food is food, some of it is better fuel for your body, but a calorie is a calorie at the end of the day.  If you decide you want to have your daily calories in chocolate and ice cream – go for it.  Just don’t expect to have a tight toned body or to feel very good!


The proof is in the pudding.

What I’m trying to convey is, you will only crave what you “can’t” have more.  It’s the same when a man is single, they tend to notice that women aren’t that interested, however as soon as they are attached, they need to fend off the multitude of other women that suddenly realize they were a catch.


So in summary if you want to have chocolate cake, eat it!   But make sure you sit down and enjoy it, own your decision and have no regrets.

Want it? If you do, eat with no regrets!

Till next time

PS –

Tomorrow I start another “stolen idea”, be sure to come and check it out, should be a goodie!

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  1. Wise, wise words. I struggle with this all or nothing mentality sometimes.

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