Stolen Ideas

My chaos of a life seems to be falling back into place.  Dad was released from hospital yesterday so my daily trips to the hospital are not longer (yay!)  To celebrate our return to a semblance of normality I reinstated my Wednesday afternoon pt sessions, so after work the effervescent Miss Jo shall put me through my paces.

I hope to get arms like Jo one day!

Not great planning, but this morning I did legs too … so today will be two weight workouts and I will still need to get my cardio done eeep!

Leg Day .. hate it so much I do it twice a week 😉

On things non fitness related, in my downtime (which is usually when I am throwing down some food), I like to voyeur at other peoples lives, blogs are amazing things, you stumble into someone’s life, stay awhile and then leave, sometimes without them even knowing!

Yesterday I happened upon Boobs, Barbells, and Broccoli which belongs to Tenecia, apart from being amazed by her transformation on her way to her show (which is only “5 more cardio sessions and 3 lifting sessions” away) I loved the way she had implemented certain events to happen on certain days for example ..

  • New release Tuesday when she raves about great music
  • Whats up Thursday is when she seems to rave about people
  • and my current fav “F**ck me Friday” where she dishes out brickbats.

This got me thinking and Im going to steal this idea and give it a twist .. so I now pronounce that Wednesdays at Feminine Fitness shall be ..

Which should be self explanatory, but just in case my title is not descriptive enough, my mission will be to bring you the greatest eye candy in internet land each Wednesday and I hope to hear wolf whistles ringing out across the land.

Todays inaugural wolf whistle recipient is Robert Buckley

Oh my oh my!

I think pictures speak louder than words so I shall leave you on that note!

Till next time

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  1. Rachael says:


  2. Jo says:

    Wow! I’m pretty slack about catching up with your blog but you can now guarantee I’ll visit at least once per week 😉

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