100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 24 – So proud I could burst!

This is the Ludus K2M team finishing their relay race from Auckland to Mount Maunganui!

They lizard crawled the finish shoot THEN did their 100 burpees to finish .. now THAT is showing the world “how we ludus” I’m honestly so proud I could burst!

They finished the 300 kilometres in 26hrs 23 mins which is a pace of 5 min 11 sec and came in 2nd place AND that’s even though they did 1300 burpees on the way! Amazing – all of them – AMAZING!

It makes my daily burpee total of 130 look miniscule that’s a 10th of what they did AND they ran .. I am not totally not worthy.

Shoot well now it makes my 24 look ridiculous .. but it is Day 24 so I best post the clip 🙂

Oh and if you ever do this challenge – don’t ask any of the Ludus Lanista’s what their favorite burpee is .. you will regret it 😉

Till next time

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