100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 23 looking back

It’s been a good week training wise ..

I’ve lost track of the number of burpees I’ve done this week. I know the 100 day 100 burpee challenge total is 105 for the past working week and we did 60 in 6 minutes at Ludus this morning but I’d say the total number of burpees is probably higher than 600 it’s probably near 1000!

Ludians love (or love to hate) burpees – case in point the Ludus K2M team are doing 100 burpees at the end of every leg of their 300k relay run from Auckland to Mount Maungnui. There are 36 legs! 3600 burpees AND 300k’s, did I mention I’m kind of glad I’m not allowed to run 😉

If you haven’t yet given them a buck or two for their madness feel free to follow the link and donate.

Ludus Magnus K2M for Cure Kids

After all it’s for the kids – kids are pretty cool 😉

So good week training wise, not so great food wise (well actually it depends how you look at it, there was some great food) .. lol .. next week I’ll see if I can do good in more areas than just training 🙂

And now, lets get on with the show .. Day 23

Till next time

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