Awesome August – Day 14 (Me time)

Being a wife and a Mum I very rarely get time alone (which is kind of an ironic thing to say as I sit in my darkened study watching The Block Glasshouse and typing this blog … completely alone) lolol

(However) I don’t sleep alone and half the time I don’t even get to poo alone … so it made complete sense to me that “me time” was always going to have something to do with exercising, because I’ve always considered it to be something that’s just mine.

Every morning before the sun (but after James) gets up, I set off for the gym to work up a sweat, in fact it just doesn’t feel right if I don’t do some kind of workout to start each my day.

Even on the days that I’m scheduled to run I’m up and “raring to go” and we all know how much I loathe to run and don’t even bother asking me why I’ve started running because I have no idea, in fact when I’ve been asked so far the best I can come up with was “well it’ll be handy when the Zombies come” ..

In fact these couple of weeks have seen me doing a few things “out of my ordinary” in addition to the running, I’ve been playing around with some gym skills, my coach still shows me up BUT I’m progressing

And today I asked my coach to show me how to do a one armed push up …

Boom! Lets just say it was a gymtastic day!

Till next time





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