100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 52 and time to knock that bucket

Notice how I said knock and not kick ..

As the Armageddon(ers) must have miscalculated their dates and I was in fact still alive, the girls and I went on a fishing trip in order for me to cross another item off the list.

Today was “Catch a fish”

I know .. I know … I’m old and you would think that at some stage in my long and illustrious life I would have gone fishing. But no, well unless you count the time when I was about seven and I put all the fish everyone caught back in the sea and then got barred for life from any family fishing trips .. heck even when husband number one bought a boat and spent hours and hours AND hours on end fishing, I did not go ..

Well actually I met husband number two while husband number one was on one of his numerous fishing trips, so I guess I did do some fishing but not the kind that I did today 😉

This is a photo of fish number two .. because I was still to *ewwwww* to touch fish number one. I manned up by the second one, although their was still some squealing going on when I actually touched the thing and it wiggled.

So fishing = good, but I still had to complete Day 52 of the 100 Days 100 Burpee challenge and although most people would think being on a fishing boat with squid bits and fish juice on the floor in the middle of the harbour is a pretty good reason to just flag it for the day .. those people are *obviously* not Iz or I.

The form may have been a little askew, but so was our surface (the sea)

Till next time

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