Let’s tango!

This past weekend I was both cheer squad and photo/videographer for Anna & Jerome and the HPU crew at the 2 to Tango event.

The athletes not only battled each other but also the elements! Saturday was gusting winds from all directions and rain – made the clean ladder interesting that’s for sure.

HPU had 19 athletes involved from beginners right through to RX and we probably had triple that number in supporters so it made for a fun and vocal albiet LONG weekend.

Thanks to daylight savings we were at the track at 5:15am on Sunday and prize giving wasn’t held till just before 5pm that afternoon – so they were very long days.

There were times during the weekend that I really wished I was participating but there were definitely times when I thanked a higher power that I was injured and couldn’t (like during the 1k time trial) nevertheless watching this weekends event did reinforce the fact that one day I would like to get out there and give it a go.

I did however decide that I wouldn’t rush into it. I’d like to give myself time to not only get my conditioning levels up but to ensure that I’ve got the skill set to take on a competition and do well and to be honest with the speed my kipping is progressing this could take a fair while. 😉

I’m thinking next years Masters Comp might just be the one to aim for …

Anyway enough about me let me give you a quick run down of the competition since I’ve had a few people ask how Anna and Jerome got on.

After Day 1 they were sitting in 6th place out of 19 teams. I would like to note that I missed the first WOD they did and they placed 10th I was there for WOD2 and 3 and they placed 3rd and 4th respectively. Just goes to show that having someone screaming at you to pick up the dam bar and move helps 😉

The team that were sitting in 1st place had actually won every event but the one they weren’t going to take out was the 1k time trial. Even though Anna hasn’t done any speed work she was going to be the one to beat on the track and considering she did her 600 in 1:40 you can see why .. suffice to say Anna and Jerome took out WOD4.

The individual wod results for WOD5 and 6 haven’t been published but Anna and Jerome must have done well because they managed to get a podium finish at 3rd. 🙂

HPU also represented!

Our scaled teams were a bit hard done by at times. T did about 50 butterfly pull ups for every 1 rep his judge counted, chin above the bar has different meaning depending on which judge you drew.

And then there was Lloyd who got given a 5 burpee punishment at the 400m mark of his 600m run. 5 burpees is basically a 100m penality .. he made up about 95m’s of that 100m gap – not bad going at all!

None of the scaled teams made the final round for the top 10 teams, but we got 3 RX teams into the top 10 and one team only just missed out after placing 11th!

2 out of our 3 RX teams who made top 10 continued into the finals.  3 teams, 1 workout – winner take all!

Both of our teams were behind at the mid way point. I’ve never screamed or heard so much screaming as during that final WOD it was nail biting stuff!

When the leaders got to the bar muscle ups and one of their team members had trouble getting through the required 10 reps and both our teams passed. *Cue more screaming*

Kat and Andy just had the edge over Joe and Kate this time but what the heck ..

CrossfitHPU domanated!  Placings 1 and 2, that’s all that matters. 😉

Till next time




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