Whats the deal?

Yesterday I mentioned in my blog post about the “deal” I made with my coach that got me out of arguing over the she is/she isn’t doing the open, so I figured I should get around to telling you about it today.

My coach and I trained through out the holiday period, him because he’s competing soon and me because I needed time out from the kidlets.

The day before New Years Eve we had this conversation;

Coach – So got any plans for New Years?
Me – When’s that?
Coach – I’ll take that as a no then – early night huh?
Me – Well I’m not counting down or anything, I don’t have any real goals.
Coach – Yes you do! To compete
Me – Yeah – nah .. that’s not one of my goals
Coach – Julz! You’ve got to compete!
Me – How about when I can do a muscle up, then I’ll compete.
Coach – Deal!
Me – A real muscle up though, not a ride the bike, chicken wing waddle one.
Coach – Bahahaha.
Me – I’m taking about a pretty muscle up.
Coach – You want to hit it with a boom! OK, but then you compete ..

So there you have it .. deal done.

I think this conversation shows that

A) I don’t have much faith in nailing a muscle up any time soon, even a butt ugly one.
B) I like to look good doing stuff.

We are all a little guilty of point B) after all, would so many of us be wearing lululemon to train in if their clothing didn’t make your arse look so good? 😉

However will put up my hand and admit that the latter is also the main reason it takes me so long to “get” anything, because looking good while doing stuff usually entails having good form. When my form goes I tend to bail out of a lift (or other movement) whereas other people will fight for it.

How many times have you heard someone say “It wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take it”?

Well I’ve heard it tones of times since taking up crossfit but asking my body to find a way, any way just doesn’t work for me these days, so you won’t ever see round out my back in a deadlift for a pb or pull myself up to a bar then use my elbows (and shoulders) to get me over it.

Actually I’d like to put a disclaimer in at this point.

If zombies, the KKK or a rabid dog is ever chasing me then I’ll totally use elbows, shoulders, feet and anything else to get me up and over whatever it is I need to scale.

But those scenarios are (so far) my only exceptions to my “make it look pretty” rule.

So, I think I’m pretty safe in stating that I won’t be under any obligation to compete in 2014.

BUT stranger things have happened …

Till next time




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