In it for the long run

So, I’ve been weighing up my options for this weekends Orewa Half Marathon event and honestly?  I’ve changed my mind about 100 times in the last few days ..

Option One – The Half

Positives Negatives
I’d get to wear my Amazing Race vest.


I’d most likely do more damage to my knee which would put me out of action for even longer!

Option Two – The Ten

Positives Negatives
James said he’d run the 10k as well so we could turn up later.


James said he’d run it with me, last time we ran this course together I yelled the F word at him.

Option Three – The Five

Positives Negatives
It’s a beach run so I’d be able to wear my new trail shoes.

(Did I mention I bought new running shoes to cheer me up because I can’t run? LOL)

It’s “only” 5k.

James won’t run the 5k so I’d have to wait (alone) by myself until my start time.

Option Four – Flag it altogether

Yeah nah – that’s not an option in my world …

In the end I’ve finally decided to run the 5k along the beach (and yeah those pretty new trail shoes may have been one of the deciding factors) however that doesn’t change the fact that I’m pretty sure I can traverse 5k without aggravating my knee so much that I’ll be unable to start back into a regular running routine next week, which is important because I’m training for my first trail run event in 7 weeks.

Yes yes, I know I said I’d never do one, but honestly?  I have these new trail shoes and my friend Anna said she’d only run, if I ran and I can’t be the reason that she doesn’t run, what kind of friend would that make me … 😉

For those of you running at the Orewa event this weekend, hopefully I’ll see you there. For those of you who are not, I’ll see you on snapchat!

Till next time





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