At the crossroads

68.0 kgs

So, today has not been a good day .. although I am down 1 kg this week it is far from a good loss!  Mostly muscle and only a miniscule amount of fat, so time to think things through again especially since I’m two kilos behind where I should be, which is a lot!

I’ve been thinking long and hard today about whether its all worth it .. the time spent away from my family in the gym, getting up at stupid oclock to walk while listening to my tummy grumble, all the planning, preparing, the money and the emotional rollercoaster that is called preparing for a competition. I’ve reached the point where I’m in pretty good shape for an “average” woman (especially one who has given birth to two kidlets) so I could be happy just losing a couple more kilos so my pants sit a little lower on the hip, but after a day spent soul searching I can’t give up, It’s just not in my nature to quit when things get hard and even though my babies are too young to really see it at the moment, I want them to know that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, I never want them to think that quitting when things get hard is a valid option.

So I’m gritting my teeth, knuckling down and after talking to Jo this morning, I’m making some changes to my food (I will actually eat more and more often) so my fingers are crossed (again) for a decent drop next time.   My poor husband has borne the brunt of my pissed off ness today but tonight I’m going out with Lavinia to see Lady Gaga .. time to shake off the cobwebs and let loose, so the saying “Tomorrow is another day” has never been more appropriate.

Till next time xox

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4 Responses

  1. Yumi says:

    Way to go Julia! You don’t seem like the quitting type, so I must admit I didn’t believe it for a second whilst reading your blog entry that you would! haha You are so going to kick ass!

  2. your husband says:

    Well done my love, I think I speak for everyone when I say, although competition wise today was not a good day you are still looking great and doing well! Forget a moment the numbers and statistics… and look in the mirror! You are looking great! And although you may not always feel it, I am behind you 100%! Enjoy Lady Gaga 😀 xxx

  3. Jenny N says:

    Well done your figure looks amazing and im so inspired by your determination – im going to feed off it, and hope to get some for myself!xx

  4. Alex says:

    Go Julia! No question in my mind that you will do this!! I am really interested to see how you go this week with eating more as I would imagine you will probably have a greater loss and more energy to work out too. You are doing a-mazing!


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