Facebook made me do it

The other day as I was bemoaning climbing a big arse hill out on the trail I thought about how random it was that I even started trail running in the first place.

You see, in the land where Julia lives (yes I often talk about myself in the third person), Julia decides *insert some audacious activity* would be cool thing to do.  She then looks online (before thinking about how hard audacious thing probably is), signs up for an event and trains (or sometimes life happens and she does not).  She’ll then turn up and complete her chosen event becoming a triathlete, half marathoner, adventure racer or whatever audacious activity has been deemed the “her thing of the moment.”   Trail running however had never been something that crossed her mind.

So now you’re all wondering what the hell are you doing climbing a big arse hill if you never wanted to be a trail runner – in short, Facebook made me do it.

Confused?  Let me explain.

Step 1 – Kate

I “met” Kate when I joined on online forum during my pregnancy with Isabelle.   Although I am no longer a member of that forum (because my kids are now old so I don’t have to constantly seek advice) I am still Facebook friends with a number of the Mum’s – Kate obviously being one of them.

Kate ran a 10k event in her hometown and shared the following image from Instagram ..

Step 2 – Emma

I met Emma on the same online forum where I’d met Kate, however I don’t require inverted comma’s this time as I’ve also met Emma in real life – in fact the worst hang over I’ve ever had in my entire life was because of her .. but that is another story.

Emma used to be fat (and I don’t mean in the festively plump kind of way) but got her shit together and started running and now not only is she not fat, she’s a fricken wonder woman who I’d often see photos of running at her local Park Run.

Step 3 – Alex

Whilst running (at the back of the pack) during a Saturday morning Park Run (that I’d gone to because of Emma), Alex sidled up beside me and started chatting – he’s a running coach, that’s kind of what he does.  The first thing I said was;

You ran with my friend Kate down in the Naki

Small world right?!?!  After that chance encounter I started following Alex on social media and when he organised a trail run for the beginners in the Waitakere Ranges I went …

And that my friends is how three degrees of separation and Facebook accidentally made me into a trail runner.

Till next time





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