I jiggle

Therefore I am;

(we’ll touch more on what that means a little later)

In yesterdays post I mentioned that one advantage of treadmill running was that I could work out in just shorts and a sports bra and that I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that outside where people would see me ..

Well apparently I put my “who gives a f**k”  pants on when I got up this morning because today I did just that!

The top I went to training in, wasn’t very appropriate for the workout that Joe ended up giving me and it just kept getting in the way, so I took it off!

OK so maybe it wasn’t quite as straight forward as that after all I did hesitate a couple of times before peeling off my shirt and throwing it on the ground so that I could continue on with my workout but I thought to myself  “You are a grown ass woman who isn’t trying to find a suitor, let’s just get on with this and have a great work out!” (yes I may actually admonish myself in the third person).

I am no way saying that I’m totally reformed and will work out in a sports bra and shorts all the time now BUT should the need arise I know for a fact that the earth won’t open up and swallow me – people will not stop and point – no one will laugh – in fact no one will even bat an eye … even though I jiggle when I run ..

Honestly, who cares!  At least I’m running ..

Apparently loads of women won’t even start exercising because they don’t feel comfortable with how their body looks, so much so, that in the UK there is a Lottery-funded This Girl Can campaign  designed to inspire women to sweat like a pig – and feel like a fox while doing it.

I jiggle – therefore I am!

Till next time





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