The Pre Mummy Me

Pre and Post Kidlets

66.6 kgs

I’m back at the exact weight that I was when I found out I was pregnant with Isabelle (the photo on the left I’m 7 weeks pregnant) .. although I’m slightly leaner now than I was back then .. but the skin is a little loser too so I don’t look quite so tight.

Comparison photo taken in exactly the same clothes and shoes, however I’m now 2.5 years older and no longer have the fringe. 🙂

Training has been great!  Although I really hate high rep training with a passion, but I do it anyway.  Have been walking in the mornings with Lavinia out Western Springs way as she has been without a car .. this week we are planning on meeting up at my work in Parnell and walking around there.  Today we walked along the harbour and through Ponsonby .. what a stunning way to start the day!

My food as mentioned last week has changed, I’m eating approx every 1.5 hours and my protein intake has increased .. everything else remained the same, but I think it might be working, because I’m hungry bank on 90 minutes after eating, so hopefully that means my metabolism has revved up a gear.

On a competition note, I’ve settled on a bikini .. its ordered and underway, the music on the other hand is another story, my music selection has actually increased instead of decreasing!  So I’m going to put all three songs onto my ipod and see which I find easiest to pose too, that should make the selection for me.

Otherwise things are ticking along .. I can tell I’m competition dieting .. because I’ve started baking up a storm!  Don’t ask me why, it seems to be a ritual of mine, to feed all those around me so I can live vicariously.  Husband number one used to put on about 5kgs every time I dieted for competition, he never complained though 😉  James probably won’t have the same weight gain as he has been gifted with a speedy metabolism.

Thankfully my baby (Elias) is getting over a nasty virus he picked up one night James and I were both in tears because we were so worried about him .. I dont know how people with children who are “really ill” cope!  Kudos to you!

Till next time xox

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  1. Tracy H says:

    Looks like those pants fit you better now than before! You go fit mama!

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