Can I walk the talk?

Yesterday I outlined the 23/1 rule.

It basically states that the 1 hour you spend working out can be derailed by the other 23 hours in your day.

I published the post at lunchtime and by the time I got home my head hurt, my throat was killing me every joint in my body ached and I was freezing.

J ran me a hot bath and he lit the fire while I soaked in the tub and when I got out I wrapped up and promptly slept for hours.

I then woke at about dinner time so I had some food and some drugs and then thought “Shit I better let Mr P.T I won’t be training tomorrow morning”. I wrote the text then hesitated to push the send button ..

The voices in my head were having a heated discussion ..

Epic Me = “Don’t be a wuss – you’ll be fine after a nights sleep”
Reasonable Me – “Let’s see every part of my body aches but I’ll be fine in the morning”
Epic Me – “Course! You can always just go a bit easier if you’re still a bit poorly”
Reasonable Me – “WTF I just wrote a post on ruining the 1 hour with the 23 other hours!

I had just discussed Rest and RECOVERY and here I was fighting with myself about taking time off because I was sick.  I scolded myself for talking the talk but not being willing to walk the walk ..  then I hit send before I could chicken out.

As soon as I sent the text my brain was screaming .. Nooooooo I have to train actually make that I NEED to train.

Yes I obviously have a problem!

BUT today I’ve rested, slept a bit, bored myself silly (daytime TV = yawn) and rested some more.

Tomorrow is another day, one where I will be stronger than I am today and tomorrow I will get my one hour!

I have to remember I already am epic – I don’t need to prove it.

Till next time

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