ABC (of me) – Part 1

So apparently personalised ABC’s were a “thing” last year ..

I’m not sure what I was doing last year (I was probably standing on my hands) but nevertheless the fad completely past me by and it was only by chance that I saw my first ABCs of me post earlier today.

I actually thought it would be pretty easy blog post, but although it’s a very simple idea, its more difficult that I thought it would be – you should try it yourself to see!

Anyhoo, without further adieu here is part one (of four)

A – (Amarok) If money was no object and there was no such thing as parallel parking, I’d drive a VW Amarok.

B – (Burpees) obviously … burpees are the bomb!

On the subject of burpees, my little (but much taller than me) brother has started doing the 100 day burpee challenge (yep the same challenge I did back in 2013. You can see his burpee challenge videos on his YouTube Channel.

I’m also still plugging away at my  16 burpees a day and after having to catch up 5 days worth on Monday (80 in total), I’ll be much more diligent about keeping up!

Below is my latest effort (I’ve yet to do today’s 16) ..

C – (Cold)

I hate being cold – with a passion, in fact I’d rather be hungry than cold. It’s one of the (many) reasons that James and I live in New Zealand and not the UK.

D – (Drink)

I don’t (or at least I rarely) drink alcoholic beverages, but if I do my tipple of choice would be cider. I do however choose not to not get out of bed until I’ve had coffee .. nothing happens before coffee. 😉

E – (Elias)

My baby ..

F – (Fish)

I could eat it everyday (although my wallet won’t allow that). My favorite are small Gurnard fillets pan fried in butter, followed closely by John Dory with the skin on (also pan fried), it’s just not the same without the crispness of the skin.  John Dory used to be my fave, but I can’t cook it as well as my ex husband (I’m more of a baker than a cook) so I’ve never been able to make it as well as he did so I tend to stick with Gurnard.

I’m hard pressed to name any seafood that I don’t like – actually scrap that, I don’t like those sea snail things .. not that I’ve ever tasted them, but ewwwww ..

Hungry? 😉

Till next time
(I’m off to go and think about letters G,J,K and L)





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