New wheels and a tattoo too

It’s late Sunday afternoon and it’s been a busy weekend for our clan!

Yesterday morning after Ludus, which was brutal!  13-1’s consisting of pullups, pushups and hill sprints, James and I split up and took one child each for the day.  He was on birthday party duty with Isabelle and I took Elias deep deep into the country (Kaukapakapa lol) and had a picnic at a friends house.  Honestly if it wasn’t my friends having the picnic I would have traded in a heart beat .. running through paddocks after Elias is hard work!  He ran towards anything dangerous, dirty, went moo or oink.


Elias and Pigs or Issy and painting .. hmmm which would I prefer?

Unfortunately Elias slept in the car both ways, so when we got home he had decided he had already had a sleep .. so he was go go go for the rest of the afternoon.  I was exhausted by the time “recruitment’s” came home to take him off my hands.  When I managed to palm him off get a babysitter, I ran out to do the household errands that always need to be done before the shops closed.

Saturday evenings James and I usually go and see a movie, but we were both knackered so I do what all knackered figure competitors do.  I watched American Idol while trying out my new wheels!  My gym had just replaced all the spin bikes, so I got one of the old ones .. its awesome because our garage is below the kids bedrooms so spinning is super quiet (unlike the thumping I make on the treadmill .. I sound like a herd of elephants are downstairs).


My new wheels

After some much needed sleep James and I both went into do the Sunday Ludus session.  Even though Joe had made us do hill sprints on Saturday, he decided it would be a great idea to do team relays to warm up .. on the exact hill he made us all sprint up yesterday .. I’m not sure why we all like the guy so much, its probably the smile he gives us all while dishing out the punishment 😉

Today it was 10-1’s, no hill running or ludus lap for a change, it was a bear crawl to break it up *eek*.  I was doing fine from 10 through to 4 .. then I thought I would try to up the anti a little and do everything a little heavier and a little higher, well the box bit back and I got my first Ludus tattoo .. a whopping great lump when I misjudged the box jump and smacked my shin.  The box obviously thought I needed to know that I am not as fit as I think I am!  So I was put in my place today! 🙂


I've been initiated as a "real" Spartan now.


Oh well I live to tell the tale ..

So tonight James and I are going to take some time out together and are heading to an early movie so that we will be home in time for the kidlets to go to bed.  I’m not sure I mentioned but last week we went to see The Adjustment Bureau, its not bad .. Matt Damon has gotten pretty chubby though!  Tonight we are going to see The Love Birds for some light comic relief.

Todays date afternoon movie


And unfortunately my shin is still throbbing .. so I’m going to fail in last weeks goals because I doubt I can run 5ks .. but I will go for a walk .. some cardio is better than none 😉

Till next time

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