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I had my measurements checked on Friday before training by Miss Jo.  I wasn’t looking forward to it but I had to see just how much I needed to take off before stage day.

I was surprised!  My body fat percentage wasn’t as high as I thought it would be and I’ve actually held my muscle (although I lost some during my last contest prep), but as long as I take it slow and steady and watch what I eat I should hopefully hold on to it this time around!

So I have eight kilos of fat to lose in twelve weeks, which I think should be relatively easy … (but yes my fingers are still crossed). 😉

I started Monday morning with Ludus.  My knee is still playing up from when I hurt it on the mud run, so my burpees were more like bur’s .. I even tried doing them with just one leg so I probably looked like a mutant dog trying to dig a hole or something!

I know you are thinking why did you bother, well basically I have a “deal” with a couple of friends that if we don’t show at Ludus on a Monday and Friday morning that we have to buy the others (who did show) a cookie time cookie.  Honestly the ONLY reason I went to Ludus this morning is because I was trying to score a cookie! 🙂 Oh and I did, thanks to Brooke. 😉

Oh and as a side note, I found my “next goal” during this mornings session, I want to be able to climb the rope.  I gave it a go this morning using brut strength I got some of the way up but it was super hard and I was using my legs to grip the rope while I moved a hand.  Ive seen people pull themselves up with only arms, however i’d just settle for getting to the top .. anyway I can.

Anyway … I shall briefly mention that I am still sore from my first week proper week back in the gym but training must go on!  Tonight I have a session with Miss Jo then James and I will pound the pavement after dinner while the kids drive the grandparents mental spend quality time with their grandparents.

I have to admit its hard to do that last session of cardio this time around because its freezing at night now that its winter!

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