Great Barrier Musings

James and I both arrived back in Auckland from our Great Barrier Island adventure (although in the least straight forward manner ever, but more on that later) and before I get in depth about our trail running experience on the Island I thought I’d share some of the more “interesting” things about visiting the Island.

They weigh you at the airport ..
Although personally I have NO problems with this, I’d rather they had all the information required to make sure the plane can get off the ground and then stay in the air until we reach our destination.  Still if you aren’t prepared for this, it’s a tad weird to have to stand on the luggage scales in direct view of everyone.  (PS – I’m now on a diet) 😉

Heading to check in

The locals will probably look at you weird ..
We hired a car for the weekend and the rental company also ran a shuttle service to get you to the trail head. On Saturday morning we called into the office to see what time the shuttle would get us to Windy Canyon (which ended up being too late) so I said “Oh well, that’s cool, we’ll just run up to the top and then run back” at that point the woman looked at me like I was an alien and spluttered “run?”

Running (before we got to the GIGANTIC hill) ..

If they know your name it’s probably NOT good ..
When we arrived at the Claris Airport the lady at the check in said ..

Are you the Nash’s?

I smiled and thought – how cool is this, they know our name!  Only to be bought back to earth (with a thud) when she continued ..  “Your plane left without you and I don’t have any more seats left today”. #shit

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