At the beginning of the year a group of girls who would become known as the Fit Bitches started a journey together that will end this Sunday at the Auckland Marathon.

In preparation we did fitness challenges, we did fun runs, we had brunches, we did some more running and yet more brunches.

As you can tell brunching is an important aspect of our training regime and those of you who know me know that the only reason I run is either for free stuff or food (preferably both).

So with 4 days to go I realised I should probably up date you all on our progress.

2 out of 6 of the original group are still running the half marathon. 1 is doing the quarter and 3 are on picnic duty.

The two graduating Fit Bitches are funnily enough the tallest and the shortest of our group

Robin and Amy.

Robin had a slight scare a couple of weeks ago with her knee (its a FB curse I tell you) but she’s all good to go now.

The singular quarter marathoner is


There was going to be two of us as although Osovale is injured like me she thought she could plod the quarter as well alas time got away from her and the entries closed.

So that leave our picnic crew ..

Osovale, Yumi and the lovely Clare.

Speaking of Clare after searching through photos to find one with all three in them I’m amazed how tiny Clare is now .. I see her everyday so I knew she had lost weight but golly gee she’s literally a quarter of the woman she was!

Actually the same thing can be said of all the FB’s (except me I think I found their losses) .. more running for me 😉

“There are two great achievements in running a half marathon. 

One is crossing the finish line, the other – equally important – is making it to the start”

33.3% success rate!  Keep injury free ladies 🙂

Till next time

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