30 Days of Hatha Yoga Happiness – Day 3

Let it Go!

Day 3 – Hatha Yoga Happiness: Getting Rid of Clutter with Fightmaster Yoga

Day 3 of Hatha Yoga Happiness focuses on getting rid of our clutter. Everything is made of energy. If there’s a lot of clutter in our living space, car, and/or work space, energy gets stuck. If we clear away the clutter, energy can flow easily all around us and we feel lighter and happier.

After yesterdays practice I saw no reason why I shouldn’t dress both comfortably and warmly for today’s session, choosing to wear track pants and a long sleep top when I rolled out my map.

Thankfully today we got moving around the three minute mark and we kept moving the entire practice.

HIT – More standing postures than the previous two days.

MISS – Wearing long pants. It’s hard to stand with your hands on your knees when wearing trackies.

TAKE AWAY – Breathing is hard work!

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