30 days Hatha Yoga Happiness – Day 4

Give it away, give it away now ..

Day 4 Hatha Yoga Happiness: Give it Away! With Fightmaster Yoga

Day 4 of Hatha Yoga Happiness. Now that you’ve cleared out some clutter, it’s time to give it away! Giving feels so awesome. so donate to charity and/or give things to your friends and family. If you want to feel extra-awesome, give somebody something that you know they’ll love…even if it wasn’t something you were planning to give away. It might be a little difficult to part with, but it’ll be totally worth it. (Source).

Now that I’m back into my working week, I had to get up early enough to do this session before heading off to work. On a positive note, because I practice at home, I can pretty much roll out of bed and do this class in my pj’s(although I do throw on a yoga bra after all, I don’t want to knock myself when I go into a down dog). 😉

Thankfully we got moving pretty quickly in today’s practice, because if we had started with another 10 minutes of breathing I may have just fallen back asleep …

HIT – I really enjoyed the sun salutation that included the chair pose, but my fave part was probably the side stretch in child’s pose right at the start, just what I needed upon rolling out of bed.

MISS – I probably dressed too warmly (again).

TAKE AWAY – Yoga in pj’s is the bomb!

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