Day 5 – Hatha Yoga Happiness

Ride the wave you’re on, not the one that’s gone.

Day 5 Hatha Yoga Happiness: Enjoy the “Now” with Fightmaster Yoga

Day 5 of Hatha Yoga Happiness. Today focuses on being present in the ever-elusive “NOW”. Fear is in the future and anger is in the past. We’re almost always happiest while we’re in the present (that’s why it’s called the present…it’s a gift!)

Once again I woke up early to get my yoga practice done before heading off to work. I do this mainly because if I do it before work, it’s done.  I’ve lived with myself long enough to know that I’d struggle to lay out my mat after a full day at work (Monday’s) or after trail running or mountain biking on the day’s where I’m only in the office for half a day (Tue-Thur).

So, although I prefer to do some form of cardio in the morning because I feel more awake and ready for the day after finishing, I’m not hating doing yoga instead.  But here’s the thing, the America’s Cup was on this morning and, well, we (or at least I really hoped we) were going to win, so I turned on the TV, muted the sound and had it running while I followed Lesley’s class .. You can’t get more “in the now” than practicing yoga whilst keeping one eye on last race of the America’s cup right? .. 😉

HIT – Quick moving

MISS – Trying to keep my eyes shut during savasana when the cup race is on.

TAKE AWAY – Wherever you are, be all there.

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