Being a fan at Wanderust

When I was working out my Wanderlust itinerary I was mindful to spread my love around. Although my schedule is mostly arm balance and inversion based I wanted to have as many different teachers as possible.

Today I was excited because I had the opportunity to attend classes with yoga teachers that I follow on social media. I had originally booked more classes with these teachers (or presenter as one called himself) but as James and I now had to work around the kids I ended up paring back my timetable substantially.

First on the agenda was a class entitled “Average Joga: Everyday Yoga for the Everyday Yogi” with Daniel Scott. I adored this class and have excitedly telling anyone within ear shot who wasn’t in attendance that it was awesome. It was more like dancing than yoga, but dancing in a non hippy kind of way. Daniel would teach a pose explaining how to stack your bones for support and once we had a couple of poses under our belt he would explain how to move using our muscles from one pose another. Then we would be given time to move back and forth between poses in the most fluid way for our body to the most amazing yoga soundtrack I’ve heard – apparently it’s on Spotify, I must look into that.

As the kids decided they didn’t want to trail hike or do the kids yoga (don’t ask – long story) we now had a large gap in our day. I bribed Issy with a STIX ice block to spend some girl time with her old Mum. Exploring the venue, listening to music, watching people acro yoga and with some gentle coaxing hola hooping. Issy had never been able to “get” hola hooping so she wasn’t keen, but she nailed it after some tips from the kids play tent and now hola hooping is the best thing ever. ūüėČ

I finished the day with “Stand on You Hands!” with the world renown husband and wife team, Claudine & Honza Lafond. This class was originally scheduled to be in one of the “smaller” yoga spaces, so when I turned up and the Wanderlust staff informed us that the class was being moved to the large grassy area out the front of the Rue Boheme stage I was stoked. I prefer not to be jammed into a small area when trying to stand on my hands and I especially love to have grass under my hands, it’s so grounding.

This husband and wife team¬†love group involvement and we did a lot of partner work, so much so that they made us change partners with each exercise. Partner work with inversions seems to be the norm so I knew that was coming. The partner (then group massaging) took some getting used too but I’m a hugger so the instruction to hug 5 people before you left wasn’t as scary as having someone shake all the fat on your arm to “relax you”.

I’m not sure¬† came away with anything new as such from this workshop but it gave me the time to play with on my hands, which we all know I’m partial too.¬† I even managed to¬†transition from crow to tripod headstand and back to crow that I held for five seconds or so before coming down.¬† And by coming down I mean jumping up and down whilst squeeling “I did it!¬† I did it!¬† This is the BEST day ever!” <3

Yes I am totally THAT yogi, the one that jumps up and down clapping for everyone, in fact I’m just THAT person in general … life is too short not to celebrate.

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