Challenge 300

The FB’s totally kicked arse on last months challenge and since today is the 1st (pinch and a punch and all that jazz) it’s time to take a breath, reflect and then move on to conquer Challenge 300.

As the name suggest it involves doing 300 of “something” that “something” will be an activity randomly drawn out of a hat (well probably a box, or a bowl or something vessel like) each friday by some random impartial person I co-erce into volunteering.

Then that randomly drawn exercise/activity has to be performed 300 times. You can chose to do 300 at once or split them out over the course of week as long as you do 300.

The only real rule apart from that you have to COUNT EVERY REP  is that this 300 challenge needs to be ADDITIONAL to any other group workout you may do. EG – If the activity was “Burpee” I could not include any that I perform at Ludus I would need to do 300 in my own time.

I’d love for you all in blog land to join in (and that includes you Ms Amy who I’m sure is missing out on her daily Ludus fix) and any photos you all are willing to share of you completing your 300’s will be gratefully received and posted.

I’m guessing for many of you the activities may be things you have never tried before so it’s a fab way to keep things fresh by mixing things up a little.

Today’s impartial volunteer is

Joe – Ludian Leader, Actor, Athlete, Model yada yada yada ;).

He randomly selected under no police supervision (sorry I don’t have the budget of the lotto organisers to ensure an impartial draw, but he is looking forward in the photo I took, that will have to suffice as “evidence” of a fair draw).

He did exclaim that shuttles were too easy so count yourselves lucky he didn’t insist on a redraw 😉

Week One = 300 shuttle runs.

A shuttle run is basically running a straight line between two points (back and forth). Ideally you want to have a space of at least 10 metres, so you could use your drive way or your garage but heck if you have to run shuttles in your living room, its better than nothing.

When you get to your “end points” either touch the ground with your hand before turning or if you want to make it a little harder lie down at each end then get straight back up again and run.

Please note these are called shuttle RUNS not shuttle jogs or shuttle meaders with hands on hips. Shuttles are designed for you to develop acceleration and speed so the idea is to run as fast as you can.

This may mean that you can only do 10 shuttles but it is far better to do less of something correctly than do a lot of them wrong and waste your time.

Lecture over .. go forth and run!

Till next time

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  1. Stacey says:

    Thank you for giving me something to do at the gym tonight 😉

  2. feminine fitness says:

    You are welcome. I’m taking tonight off so will make a dent in mine tomorrow 🙂

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