Crossfit Games Regional Weekend – HPU Represent

In March this year I competed in my first ever Crossfit Open.

Every member of Crossfit HPU who competed in the Open had the opportunity to score points for “our team”.  At the end of each week the top three male and female scores were totaled to determine our placing on the leader board, with the top 30 teams in each region of the Open season qualifying for their respective Regional weekend.

Crossfit HPU took two top 10 finishes in the Australian Region during the Open Season.  A 9th place in Week 1 (10 minute AMRAP of 30 double unders and 15 snatches) and a 3rd place finish in Week 5  (21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of Thrusters & Bar Facing Burpee Hops).

With placings as high as those it’s no surprise that Crossfit HPU qualified for the Australian Regional Weekend.

Our team is made up of the top four place finishes (male and female) on the individual leader board at the completion of the Open.

The guys (L-R)
Joe (my coach and our strong man), Andy (our barbell extraordinaire), Mark (our gymnastics guru) and G (double under master and head coach at HPU).

The girls (L-R)
Kat (Ninja), Lisa (Aerobics guru), Jamie (Jail Bait (don’t ask)) and V (who before I started crossfit and knew who she was I’d point to and say “I want to look like her” although I still want to look like her) 😉

Tomorrow (Friday) morning the Australian Regional three day event gets underway and every day the teams are first up on the timetable kicking off at 11am NZ time (9am in Sydney).   Friday and Saturday our team will complete 3 events and on the Sunday they’ll do the final 2 events.

Although the team are across the ocean (in fact the plane landed whilst I was typing) their supporters won’t be missing out on anything as the entire weekend will be streamed live on the Crossfit Games website.

I’ll certainly be proudly watching HPU represent (I may even wear my supporters t-shirt for three straight days)!

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