Lets save the hardest for last

And 5 makes the week complete …

It’s Friday in the land of the long white cloud (that would be NZ for all you off shore-ites) and let me tell you I have definitely earned a weekend this week!

Last night I got an entire nights sleep with only a brief wake up call from Elias.  James played the role of my knight in shining armor and took Elias back to his bed and settled down with him so thankfully I woke up more refreshed than usual.  Little did I know I would be even more thankful for the extra sleep shortly ..

I headed to the Arena for my final Ludus session of the week, as I am off season I am trying to leave my weekends free for the kids, family and friends – you know that thing called a social life 😉

This morning I suffered!  I thought it may just be because it was my fifth session for the week and it had been awhile since I had done so many sessions in a row so I checked with some other Ludians and we agreed today was the hardest session of the week (yes even harder than the 600 yesterday which included doing 100 burpees)!

Although for the record if I had completed todays session I would have ended up doing 220 burpees – 110 bag burpees and 110 box burpees.  That is probably a clue as why todays session was as J Williams likes to sing “a killer killer killer”

So lets break it down …

WORKOUT – 4 Exercises rep range 20:2 (20 reps, 18 reps … down to 2 reps)

EXERCISES – Chins, Box Burpees, Bag Burpees, KB Swings (that was the actual order)

COMPLETED – Reps 20:8

*disclaimer* when the whistle blew for time I was in the middle of the bag burpees so I did the last four then did a set of kb swings to finish my “lap” That works out to be 392 reps of which 196 were burpees!

In other news …

  1. I did not go to the gym and weight train last night, is it a worry I don’t even feel guilty about it?
  2. I have a friend from Wellington staying with me this weekend, her biggest worry is fitting in her run .. my friends are loopy!
  3. I’m going out to dinner on Saturday night with the girls (oh and dove if you are reading this .. I was going to tell you, I just kept forgetting lol)

So that is me for the week.  My training plans consist of doing some cardio on Saturday probably before I go and get Kylie from the airport.  If the timing is right I may head into the later morning session at Ludus since I will be driving past anyway .. but we will just have to see how it all goes.

Before I go here is another sneaky peek at this weeks Wolf .. oh and so far those of you who have taken a guess, have all guessed incorrectly

CLUE TWO – This actor moved from TV to movies and his roles have included portraying a vampire and a bartender.

God did good work making that fine specimen!

Till next time

(Go and have a social life .. ) 😉

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2 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    Is it weird that I actually like burpees?

  2. feminine fitness says:

    Yes! But I guess you are an exception because you always run 10 million miles in one day for fun 😉

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