You can’t what? …

You know how sometimes you read something online and think “nah that can’t be true – this must be one of those “spoof” stories or click bait ..  ”

Well that’s how I originally reacted when I read about Brad and Angelina, granted it was something like 5am and my eyes were still trying to adjust to the light but still, it just didn’t seem likely that they were breaking up – just like that .. alas, upon further investigation found that the story was indeed credible.  #sad

However once again I digress, because this blog post doesn’t actually have anything to do with Brangelina (although I could now post a gratuitous photo of Brad just because – although in my opinion Matt Damon is still WAY hotter) ..

This blog post is about how City Fitness have banned posing in all of their gyms ..


The cynic in me completely understands that gyms make the most money out of those members who don’t actually frequent the place, so bodybuilders must be such a pain in the arse to the bottom line .. turning up day after day, morning AND night – I mean how inconsiderate can you get!

But really ..?

You may be feeling chuffed with your new physique, but if you’re a member of CityFitness gym, you’re not to go about flaunting it.

Following the national gym chain’s decision to ban posing in all CityFitness centres, bodybuilders in particular have been left feeling violated.  The crack down on posing follows the company’s consideration of a blanket ban on grunting in 2014 and a ban on selfies in May this year, neither of which were enforced.  The posing ban won’t include bodybuilding training but for anyone posing at CityFitness gyms, they will be asked to stop or face the consequences.

The ban was reportedly introduced because of the “uncomfortable” environment posing can create, particularly for new gym goers.  CityFitness operations manager Lisa Brown told Fairfax: “The posing in front of the mirrors is what we want to stay away from because if you are brand new to a gym [and] you walk in and see that, that’s what can potentially make you feel uncomfortable in a gym environment.”  (Read Full Story Here)

Banning members from posing in front of the mirror because it could make potential new people uncomfortable???

I’ve heard it all now, next they have gyms that only have machines because free weights are dangerous ..

Oh wait!  They already do … #eyeroll

Till next time





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