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Before we start on today’s agenda (because it’s not really training related) I will do a really quick recap of what I’ve done training wise in the last couple of days.

Monday – started off with some Ludus Loving then it finished off with swim training at Parnell Baths, I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to try that pool out because it is AMAZING.

Tuesday – Well since it’s not even lunchtime yet I’ve only done one session and that was a run. Just over 10k’s with hill work. Tonight after work I’m out on the bike and I’m being quite “tricky”. I’ve got my gear and my bike and I will get changed before I leave and head out to Te Atatu Peninsula to ride, that way I can’t go home and get complacent (or scared – you all know I’m not the most confident cyclist in the world) 😉

Right lets get back to scheduled programming ..

There are a bunch of questions/emails I haven’t gotten to yet and I do apologise – consider my hand smacked. 😉

“I haven’t seen you mention any gym work lately, are you still weight training?”

Nope – gosh I haven’t even set foot in the gym in weeks!  I did go one morning because my knee hurt and I thought I would do my run session on a treadmill, but when I got there all the treadmills were taken so I had to go out on the road anyway.

The closest I get to weight training these days is this ..

It’s more fun too .. 😉

“Which are you finding harder to learn, swimming or cycling?”

Hmmm thats a toughie!

For me cycling is technically easier but mentally harder. Swimming is technically harder (you know trying to breathe and all that) but if you can get into a groove its actually quite relaxing. However I’m still at the point where I am gasping for breath.

Haydn ASSURES me that it’s just finding that rhythm and not my current level of fitness that is lacking, even my stroke etc is pretty good, so lucky I am not a dancer because I must have shite rhythm!

However even though cycling is “technically” easier – I’m still pretty crappy at lifting one arm off the handlebar (which isn’t that helpful when trying to tell cars where you are going) and turning corners – oh and then there are downhills … I need to “summon” some of this guys mad skills

I guess I have no excuses!

“Your daughter is adorable! Are you able to spend more time with the kids now that you are not bodybuilding?

Firstly – thank you, Isabelle would wholeheartedly agree with you on her adorableness, her Dad and I sometimes think otherwise 😉

And secondly at the moment I am spending about the same amount of time training as I was when I was bodybuilding, the only difference is that I’m doing it on more food so Mumma is not as grumpy these days and the time I am home I’m actually a kind of nice person to be around.

Speaking of food .. its that time of the day, lunch is beckoning me.

Till next time

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